And so the story began…

The Bacherlhaus, a soothing house surrounded by the lake, mountains, forest and stream, is now in its second generation. 

In the past, as a bed and breakfast with simple guest rooms, the grandparents received guests from all over the world. After their passing, we did not want to let this tradition go to waste and took over the house in 2020, which meant that a turbulent rebuilding was ahead of us.

With a lot of sweat, love and conservation of resources, our Bacherlhaus became what it is now: a refuge from the fast pace of everyday life.

We hope to provide a lot of peace and relaxation in the dreamlike ambience of the Bacherlhaus.

Who we are

Bacherlwirtin and boss or something like that, responsible for bookings and all administrative activities, interior design as well as best cleaner in the Bacherlhaus.

Janitor, financier and construction expert, responsible for wobbly chests of drawers and electrical appliances with a life of their own

Bacherlhausmama, best construction-site-catering and ironing in the house, the strengthening that everyone needs

In-house photographer, always with a camera on hand, best graphic designer, website developer & construction site helper

Temporary worker, passionate pit digger, master painter, Bacherlhaus tester and mental supporter.

Bacherlhaus behind the scenes

Once upon a time