Sustainability is a pretty big word.
For us, it means above all to starting attempts and making compromises.

It was important to us to preserve an old house and to give it something new with care.

During the renovation, we tried to preserve the old and make careful use of the available resources.
We also made some changes to make the house more energy-efficient:

  • Replacement of the coal/wood heating system with an ecological pellet heating system
  • Installation of new 3-layer glazed windows where necessary
  • Switch to green electricity
  • Installation of an e-charging station for cars
  • Switch to modern water systems including taps and flushes, thus saving precious H2O
  • Electrical appliances with low power consumption
  • LED light bulbs throughout the house
  • Use of smart thermostats
  • Implemention of a recycling system (paper, residual waste, organic waste, plastic, glass/metal)
  • Refill systems instead of disposable plastic
  • Cleaning mainly with ecological products
  • Neutral shapes and colors in the interior, which are durable in their aesthetics

We source local, organic and fair wherever possible from our partners

Our plans for the future

We still have a few ideas for the next few years:

Installation of a photovoltaic system to generate electricity
Bee and wildlife-friendly garden design

But sustainable tourism also means:

Book with small businesses like ours
Travel regionally
Stay longer in one place